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This website is extremely poorly done and unfortunately it seems to be getting worse the moment you start browsing o it. At first you come to think that maybe they choose that terrible template to make it easier for users to browse through the watches, but once you start looking for a model, you will get a big surprise. The website makes it harder and harder for this to happen.

When you get to see the watches, you notice that they aren’t even the watches they will sell to you, as it is clear that they didn’t put pictures with the actual watches. They actually used watches pictures from other websites as their own watches in order to probably scam their customers into thinking that they are selling better looking watches. This is an extremely low move and makes it hard for us to judge whether the watches sold on the website are good or bad. Since the website owner has put so much time into getting watches from other sources and claiming that they are sold on the website it is safe to assume that the real watches they sell here are not that amazing. Even if the watches they have there would be sold by them, it is still hard to decide due to the fact that the pictures are poorly made. However, at least they feature more than one picture per watch, not like other replica watches websites, where you have to make sure that you understood the way your watch looks from just one angle.

Overall, this website is pretty disappointing, first with the poorly made menu and due to the fact that it’s not user friendly at all, but the biggest disappointment is the fact that they are trying to scam clients into buying watches they don’t actually sell.

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