Big Bang Porto Cervo

Big Bang Porto Cervo

Since Hublot has become a partner with Marina Di Porto Cervo, they haven’t only released two Hublot boutiques but also a new limited edition watch. The watch is a celebration of the Porto Cervo where all the millionaires and yacht aficionados pass by. The watch has a very large case, more exactly a 44.5 mm one and comes with diamonds around the dial. It is a combination of red gold with rubber and has been inspired by the passion for the marine environment. This sumptuous watch is a great fusion between elegance and sporty and manages to bring a unique design by combining different types of gold and exquisite elements. Such a beautiful watch will cost you about $44,000 but if you want to look amazing, this is the price to pay.

genuine Big Bang Porto Cervo

Whether you are a collector or simply a watch lover, you will appreciate the superb way this watch was crafted. Those who still want this watch but can’t afford the price are in luck because there are replicas available. However before buying a replica one must know which are the differences between that replica and the original watch they like. This way they can be sure that the replica they buy respects all the details in the original and is a high quality product. Here we have put two Hublot Big Bang Porto Cervo watches side by side, but one is a replica and the other is an original watch.

fake Big Bang Porto Cervo

Starting with the hour markings we can see that the replica watch has them made a bit different, the hour markings are made with a darker tone of gold than the ones on the original. There are also differences on the subdials, and on the bottom one we can see different numbers on the replica. The replica has numbers 20, 40 and 60 but the original watch comes with 4, 8 and 12. The next replica subdial has numbers 8, 16 and 24 while the original watch has numbers 10, 20 and 30. Another interesting detail is on the hour markings on the right, where they seem to be black rather than gold as on the original watch. The gradation on the dial is also red instead of black as the one on the original watch.

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