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The good:

Unique, high resolution pictures of fake watches

The bad:

This store doesn’t seem to put too much thought into return policy. They just copied the policy from some clothes website. Check this print screen of their terms and conditions:

Now why would I buy intimate apparels from replica watches store?


Besides their silly name, doesn’t manage to bring us quality products either, making it another disappointment when it comes to replica watches websites. Their website seems easy to navigate at a first glance but once you start looking for something particular it becomes extremely annoying.

If you actually start reading the text on the website, the one that is on the first page, you will notice the fact that it actually has grammar errors. This isn’t just a small overlooked detail, as there aren’t errors that might go easily unnoticed; this is a grave error that should show the customers exactly how professional the owners of the website are. Since their domain name is .com, one would expect them to write with a satisfactory level of English.

They had implemented an interesting feature that allows their customers to live chat with them and ask for various details about the watches or the purchase. Unfortunately, that feature doesn’t work most of the time and when it does, the webpage where you have to go to chat with an employee takes a long time to load.

When it comes to the watches they sell, they have indeed good prices and a lot of discounts; the weird thing is that they have discounts on all products available. Unfortunately, the prices they show are really low, making us think that perhaps they sell low quality replicas. A good replica watch would cost at least a double more than what they are selling, so we are kind of reluctant whether to believe them about the high quality of their products or not.  The watches do have a lot of pictures and actually each product comes with about six to seven pictures; however, the picture’s quality is questionable and that’s really annoying because customers are unable to see whether the watch they are going to order has flaws or not.

We wouldn’t recommend you buying from this website as you might end up spending money on a low quality replica. If that’s what you are looking for, you can get your watch but besides the price, there’s no real advantage to it.

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