How to Spot Fake Watch

Doesn’t matter how hard replica manufacturers try, they can not make exact copy of authentic watches. Some models are better replicated than others. Usually less complicated timepieces like Rolex are closer to real thing than other, more complex models like Breitling Navitimer World GMT. But even the best replica has some flaws. You just need to know what to look for. Here are some “hot spots” were imitation watches have defects:

  •  Check the writings. Many cheap fakes have spelling errors. In this example there is a letter “N” missing from “PROFESSIONAL”. How unprofessional 🙂

Misspeling in replica watch dial


  •  Take a closer look to the inside of band end pieces, where the band is connected to the case. Their surface must not be rough or thorny.


  • Check the way date changes when you pass 12 hour mark with hour hand. In authentic watch the date “jumps” immediately, while in fakes it doesn’t change in an instant.


  •  Date window – many times the color of numbers, background or font might be wrong.


Fake Breitling wrong date window

  •  Chronograph functions and markings. Replicas under $200 price tag are equipped with cheap Asian automatic movement. These mechanisms are not complicated enough to reproduce functions of real watches, so they show something entirely different (e.g. days instead of seconds). Swiss replica watches come with Swiss made mechanism, so all the functions should match.

How to spot replica audemars piguet


  •  Often the teeth of the bezel and crown protectors shape differ from authentic timepiece.


  •  Hands – it amazes me that some knockoffs have just one defect: their second hand looks different. If they went to so much trouble  as to copy the entire watch, then why did they put wrong second hand?

Finde difference between fake watches

  •  Logo – even such simple thing as a logo can be wrong. For example, in genuine Breitling or Tag Heuer watches the logo sometimes engraved and other times glued. Unfortunately, replica “masters” many times copy just one type of logo and stick it to all the range of fakes.

Imitation VS Real Watch Logo

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