Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa Replica

Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa Replica

The watch has five differences when compared to the original brand. The gradation on the right chronograph is white with red on the genuine watch while on the replica watch it only has white markings. The second difference between the two watches is the date display which is with a white font on a black background when it comes to the original brand and a black font on a white background on the replica watch.  The part around the bezel is grey on the replica watch but black when it comes to the genuine watch. The lower chronograph can be seen to be a little more pronounced on the replica watch than the genuine watch having thicker numbers and markings. Also, the screws around the bezel are grey silver on the replica watch, creating a contrast with the outer ring, while on the genuine watch they are black, just like the background on the outer ring.

 Hublot Luna Rossa Fake

Link to genuine watch.

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