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  • Value For Money is another website that sells replica watches; unfortunately, it is not a great website and we would never advise anyone to buy a replica watch from there. The first reason why we wouldn’t do that is the fact that the watches have a watermark from another website, which can make things trickier and it instantly destroys our confidence in them. It seems that the owners of the website didn’t even bother to take pictures of their own watches.

Even if the pictures would be with their own watches, there’s still a problem, their watches look bad. Usually watches are hidden with the help of watermark and low resolution pictures, but these pictures are not and they show completely low quality replica watches. Unfortunately, their products don’t look very smooth or well made, which makes us a bit reluctant to advise you to buy from here. If the products look like that in a picture, who knows how they would actually look in real life and it’s definitely not a risk people should take when there are so many places online where they could buy good quality replica watches.

Also, some of those who might want to try and browse through a great variety of models, don’t really have that option. Unfortunately, the website has a lot of brands but all those brands have few models available so it might be hard to find your favorite model.

The information they provide about the shipping process, payment process and their products in general is very limited and people won’t be able to know a lot about the products they are buying since there is no page showing what kind of mechanism they use and what kind of parts are used for manufacturing. If you want to be completely sure about what you are going to buy, you shouldn’t buy from this website.

In the end, getting a watch from here is definitely not a good idea, especially since you won’t know what the watches they sell actually look like since the pictures aren’t theirs. Why would anyone want to risk their money buying from here?

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