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This website is very well done, although it could use a bit less color; it seems to have a well-made structure and the watches are easy to search for. Also, they have a line where you can easily call and obtain more information about the watch you are about to purchase, so that is a pretty useful feature for a website like this.

When it comes to the pictures on the website you will notice that they are very well made, almost professionally; however, what they won’t tell you at first is the fact that they have used copyrighted images for their Breitling watches and you can see that on Google, when searching for them. So, the pictures are not actually pictures of the watches they are trying to sell. If you look at the comments there, you will notice that a lot of pictures ask how come they are manufactured in the same way as the original watches but the company simply states that they are “that good”. The fact that the watches are not that great can be seen from the Return Policy section, where they only state that they will return watches that customers received as damaged. This means that if the watches are working well when you receive them but they don’t look as you expected them to look, you won’t get any refund. Also, the reviews on their website seem to be all good and some of them don’t even contain information that customers would publish, which is a little weird.

The payment methods accepted are : Western Union, Wire Transfer and Credit Cards, which means that you don’t have much of an option when it comes to divulging your personal information.

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