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Putbackwatches.com is another disappointing website when it comes to replica watches. This website is definitely a place where people shouldn’t buy their watches, no matter how cheap they consider them to be, it might end up being just a waste of money. The first thing that strikes us when we open putbackwatches.com is the fact that it has a really bad taste design, which makes it look pretty unprofessional. However, we wouldn’t judge a book by its cover so let’s see how their watches are. When it comes to watches, you will see a lot of brands on the left side of that website; however, on closer inspection you will notice that there are no products in many of those categories so the website just gives you the impression that it might have a lot of models.

Once we managed to actually find a watch in the category we definitely want to take a closer look at it, to see what we are going to spend our money on. There are indeed a lot of pictures taken from a lot of angles of the watches they are saying the sell, but the watermark on those pictures is not with the website name, but with another website. This only shows how incompetent the website owners are and how they are trying to sell watches scamming the people buying them into believing that they are buying other, probably better, products. If that didn’t make you reconsider the decision of buying from the website perhaps the following section of our review will.

The next thing that we look for is the information the website provides about different aspects of the buying process such as return policy, shipping, delivery and payment methods. When you actually manage to find the information down at the bottom of the website you are a bit disappointed because some of these categories don’t have a lot to offer.

Overall the website is a complete disappointment and nobody should risk their money and buy a replica watch from here when there are enough trustworthy websites available out there. It simply doesn’t worth the risk.

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