Replica Prices Range

If you browse several online replica stores you will find that the price range can vary quite widely. Japanese imitations cost between $79 and $250, while Swiss range is between $350 and $1100. There are various reasons for this discrepancy is due to several factors. Most important ones are quality of watches and quality of service.

When you purchase cheap knockoff it means that the watch is of lower quality and/or you will never get replacement or refund in case you need one. It might sound crazy, but I’m sure you won’t even ask for a refund if you get broken watch. Here is why: let’s say you paid 79$ for blue Rolex Submariner copy and after receiving the package you noticed that there is a problem (hour markings or stem fell off, color cheeped off…you name it). You contact customer support and ask for return address. No problem, they say, you have to ship the watch back at your own expense and they will deduct 20% restocking fee. Shipping to China mainland plus restocking fee is almost half of what you’ve already paid. In poker lingo this situation is called “Drawing dead”, aka no-win situation. You don’t want to spend more money for getting less money! I bet you will through the watch to garbage and swear not to buy fakes anymore 🙂

Now, there is no guarantee that more expensive watches come with better service (although usually they do), but there are few signs you can rely on to tell if the store will fix the watch or give your money back in case you choose to send it back. Before placing your order try to communicate with customer service. If a store has working contact phone number and functional online chat support, it means they do care about complaints and most probably will attend yours.

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