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The website doesn’t impress us visually or with the quality of the products. Actually is just another disappointing website for those looking to buy a high quality replica watch. It can be extremely frustrating to search for a good website and this is just not it. There are several red flags that make this website a poor choice. Here are some we found:

The first thing that is completely annoying is the fact that the website is not at all user friendly, the categories are spread until the end of the website and you will have to endlessly scroll to go through them. Another annoying thing is the fact that if you want to actually gain information about a certain part of the website you won’t be able to until you scroll down to oblivion, go through all the categories and at the end, you will find information about payment, shipping and return policy. Speaking about finding information, it seems that even if you do that you won’t be able to easily know what you are looking for because none of those pages work. So, technically you might not be able to buy from this website in the first place.

The second thing that is extremely annoying is the fact that the website works really bad. Even with a good internet connection you will have to wait a lot until you manage to see a watch. Also, speaking of watches, they don’t even have pictures with their own watches, the watermark on the pictures shows another replica watches website, so you can’t really trust them when it comes to their products. And even if those were their real products, they wouldn’t manage to sell any of those pieces because they look absolutely terrible and have low quality.

Instead of buying from this website you should buy from one that at least looks trustworthy. Not only you are not able to find information about the actual buying process, but they don’t even have pictures with their watches, so that should definitely give you an idea about how reliable their company is.

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