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This is an extremely annoying website from the first moment you access it. The main thing here is the combination of colors, a thing that makes this watch extremely hard to browse. Also, it doesn’t have a very good system to help people who are trying to look for a watch actually find one, so that might be another frustrating feature about it.

When you manage to get a good look at a watch you can see that their watches are not bad at all. Each of them has a lot of pictures, from all angles and with good camera settings, making it easy for customers to spot any imperfections. However, the prices are a bit low, which is very weird for watches that look this good. Either the pictures are not with their watches or the movements used for the watches they sell are really bad. In any case, it’s really a pity seeing how good looking the watches are in the pictures. They also have huge discounts for some watches, which only makes us think that this website might be a scam.

Another thing that might put off potential clients is the fact that they can only pay with Western Union; this can be extremely risky, especially because once you made a payment you cannot cancel it. For example, when people pay with their credit cards they can cancel their payment if they notice any sign of fraud, but Western Union doesn’t have this system and the website seems to be encouraging clients to only pay with Western Union.

Although the watches look good and the pictures actually show them well, this website might be a scam as everything else points to it, which is very unfortunate as it makes all the trustworthy replica watch websites look bad.

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