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This website is probably one of the worst replica watches websites on the market; there are so many things that are bad with it, we don’t even know where to start. The first thing is its design but this doesn’t even matter anymore when we think about the enormous errors that have been made when it comes to content, photos and information.

Since we mentioned design, we should also mention that people will have to hunt for the information section because it cannot be seen on the front page unless you scroll down into oblivion. On the information section you will see that what they lack in professionalism they make up in bad content. You will find out that if you receive your watch and you don’t like it or you find that it is bad quality you won’t be able to send it back, you can only send it back and receive another one in return. Another important piece of information you will learn and will probably make you avoid buying from this website is the fact that their watches are not water proof, which makes them really unreliable.

Speaking of watches, did we mention the fact that this website has the audacity to actually take photos from another website and post them s their own? This should show how professional they are and the fact that they are hiding something from their customers, whether they are not selling watches at all or the products they sell are really bad. On the other hand, even if they would sell the watches in the pictures, those are really low quality so you really don’t want those on your wrist anyway. Also, they don’t even show a lot of pictures with the watch you are trying to buy, they only show a picture for each of them, which doesn’t give you any idea on how the watch is in reality.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t order from this website as they really seem like a shady company that will probably scam you, if you take your money, they will probably give you a really bad watch.

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