Royal Oak Offshore Survivor Chronograph Replica

Royal Oak Offshore Survivor Chronograph Replica

This replica watch has a few differences when comparing it to the original. The first difference we see is the outer part of the bezel, which has a slightly different color and different screws.

Genuine Royal Oak Survivor

Genuine Royal Oak Offshore Survivor Chronograph


Royal Oak Replica

The second difference can be seen on the hour marks, which are brown while the ones on the genuine brand are white. The same thing happens with the hour, minute and second handles, that are made with black and white, instead of just white like the ones in the genuine brand watch. The watch stem is also different than the one on the original brand watch as it is shorter and a bit thicker. The watch brand on the bezel is marked with white on the genuine watch and a silvery grey paint on the replica watch.  The small decorative squared shapes in the replica watch lack luster compared to the ones that can be found on the original brand watch.

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