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  • Value For Money is another replica watch that manages to disappoint us from the first glance. Not only the website doesn’t work properly, but it’s also not very pleasant to see. It seems to be working  40% of the time and there’s a big chance that while you are in the process of placing your order, you will be actually experiencing technical difficulties. If you however, manage to get through those and actually place an order, we will make you our hero. There are so many red flags when it comes to this website, we shouldn’t even bother doing the review, just say that you shouldn’t buy from there and go search another place.

We did manage to see some pictures in the little time the website worked, and the pictures were quite bad. And we are trying to be polite when we say that they were “quite” bad, they were actually pretty bad and nobody should ever buy a watch that looks like that: the same low resolution pictures that are uploaded by websites that sell low quality replica watches. They also had few shot angles available and everything was terrible, so don’t really buy a replica watch from here if you are looking for something that is at least of average quality.

If you want to make sure that you buy something from a trustworthy source, always check out their information section. It seems that in this case, the website lost the information section, as there is none to be found. Actually, the categories are there, but when you click on them nothing happens, so you won’t be able to find out how the delivery process goes, what you payment methods are and how you will receive your watch, not to mention that there is no information about the products they sell.

Unfortunately, we are again disappointed with a replica watches website that manages to bring the lowest standards available when it comes to both its products and the service they offer. We would be shocked if we heard that this website managed to sell one product, because we don’t believe that people with a bit of common sense will actually order from there.

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