• Price
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  • Value For Money is one of those replica websites that look really well, which makes you think that you will probably receive a high quality watch. However, this is not always the case with this type of replica websites as some of them might be a bit deceiving.

This particular replica watches website is one of those and that is immediately noticeable when you want to look at a watch. You will see that the watches are beautiful and the pictures are taken from many angles, but the problem with them is the fact that they are not from this website. They are from another replica website, so you will be deceived into thinking that you are buying those models. Unfortunately, we cannot judge how good quality the watches from this company are, since there is no watch with genuine pictures.

Another problem if you still want to buy a replica watch from is the fact that it comes with few brand models, which makes it really hard for those trying to look for a more special or limited series model. Even if those brands have a lot of watches, there are only 6 or 7 of them, so you might not find the watch you are looking for.

The website does accept a lot of payment methods which is a good thing but since they are not selling the replica watches that they show in the pictures, people should avoid ordering from there. They also do order canceling, which usually websites this type don’t do, which is another positive thing.

Overall, the website is not really that trustworthy, even if it looks like it from the first glance. The design is professional, the information is there and the payment methods are many, but we simply couldn’t get past the fact that they are not selling the watches they say they do.

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