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  • After-Sale is definitely not a website that sells watches and manages to stand up to its name. They don’t manage to sell amazing watches and their service seems to lack a good service and great delivery for their products too. With such a high level of unprofessionalism nobody should even consider ordering a watch from this website, especially a very expensive one.

The first thing you see when you go on their website is that they state they sell AAA+ grade watches, which is highly improbable, because judging by the pictures, which look photoshoped anyway, they don’t look that amazing. Unfortunately, with the high price they are asking for the watches they sell isn’t justifiable and you might risk buying a low quality replica and paying as you would pay for a high fashion brand. We have to give them the fact that they do indeed have a lot of pictures for every watch, but as we stated earlier they do seem a little blurry.

Another problem when it comes to this website is the fact that you will notice they lack in payment options. They only have PayPal and Western Union which aren’t exactly the only things people use to pay online. There’s also the fact that they don’t offer all the information customers need when it comes to delivery and receiving their package. Also, the flawed design of this website makes it hard for customers to see the information they need immediately and they might need to navigate for a while before scrolling down at the end of it for the useful information.

You will also notice the fact that the information has been taken from other replica watches websites, as it is the same we encounter on most websites out there. If a website has problems coming up with their own writing and takes it from another similar website, this should say a lot about their level of professionalism and how much you should trust them. The bottom line is that we don’t recommend you should get your replica watch from this website as you might end up paying for something that is low quality.

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