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  • Value For Money is not a really bad website at first glance, as it comes as a professionally done place where you can buy your replica watch from.

The payment methods are not many as the website only accepts Paypal and credit cards for the purchases made there. It also doesn’t seem to ship everywhere in the world as there are some countries where it is not available, so you need to check out with them and see if your country is eligible. There are also just two shipping methods, both very expensive compared to other shipping methods out there. However, this might be an advantage as these particular shipping methods will ensure that your watch will arrive safely. However, some of us might not want to pay that much for their shipping so other methods should be available. However, these details are not as important as long as the watches are high quality so let’s move on to the watches section.

The watches section is where this website becomes extremely disappointing because it seems to have pictures from another website as the watches are watermarked with another name. Unfortunately for those who want to be sure of the product they buy, this website is definitely not the right one as they might not receive what they wanted to get since the pictures are not with the actual watches that they sell there.

The return policy is also very vague and they seem to receive only watches that have been damaged prior to delivery so if your watch breaks after you got it you cannot send it back. If the watch you receive is broken you are allowed to send it back. However, the fact that the watches have no warranty is pretty much a red flag so you need to be careful with this website.

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