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We were quite disappointed with this website but it somehow managed to make us laugh with its name. The website is called which is such an odd name for a replica watches website it makes us wonder if they are making a reference to beer goggles that work for watches, because you definitely need some when looking at their products.

The website looks pretty professional at first glance with information about the brands they are selling, however, when you go a little bit into the details, that’s where the disappointment comes from. The first thing we notice and it kind of attracts our attention in a bad way is their prices. Replica watches should indeed have lower prices than the original brands because they use lower quality materials, however, they shouldn’t have lower prices that series and consumer made watches. These watches seem to be very cheap which isn’t really a great thing in this case, because it makes you wonder what kind of mechanism they have.

The other thing that bothers us when it comes to the actual products is the fact that they use pictures from another website. Unfortunately, this seems like a bad idea because any customer with a bit of common sense would avoid this website if they saw that. Also, they only have one picture from that website so they aren’t even sharing a lot of angles for their watches.

It seems that the owners don’t just take the pictures from other websites but their information as well. A lot of their information is familiar to many websites out there, so it’s fair to conclude that they probably copy pasted it from other websites. We aren’t sure what they are trying to sell, if they are trying to sell something anyway or they are simply trying to scam people.

This website should be avoided at all costs, not only for people who want to buy a high quality replica watch but also for people who want to buy a low quality replica watch because we believe that none of them will actually receive their product.

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