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  • Value for Money seems to be one of those replica watches websites that seem to look cool and offer the client a really fancy presentation, without actually offering something of quality. Although the website is really well made, it can be hard to find something throughout all those options. But the fact that it is so well organized can appeal to some. The watches can be searched according to different terms, but the website world really bad overall. Usually the pictures load really slow and the website works pretty slow itself.

Fortunately for them, the pictures seem to be genuine, or at least they feature a watermark with their own website, not something stolen on the internet. This definitely gives them more credibility. But it fades away quickly when we actually take a look at the pictures. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to judge whether the watches are of good quality or not, due to the fact that the pictures are really bad. They are made on a white background and most of them should look good, but the resolution and overall quality makes it really hard for the client to see whether there are any flaws with the watch they are going to buy. Unfortunately, the pictures don’t always load properly, which can be quite annoying for someone hurrying to find a product and buy it. Another aspect that might keep some customers from buying a watch here is the fact that if the watch gets damaged from shipping the will not receive another watch back. This can happen either due to bad packaging or mishandling at the post office, however, it is definitely not the client’s fault. The fact that you cannot receive another watch after you get it damaged, might make some look at other websites for replica watches.

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