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The first problem we encounter with this website is the fact that it is packed with a lot of elements that make it pretty hard to understand what’s going on and where you should be searching for your product. At the first glance, it just looks extremely unprofessionally done, which would make anyone reluctant to order something from it. However, the main problem with the website is not the fact that it may look bad but the fact that the products are not of high standard at all, and this can easily be seen from the pictures. Also, the website owners have conveniently added just one picture for every watch, probably to keep people from realizing that the watch is actually of poor quality. If you try to open a picture you will notice that it doesn’t work most of the time, so you won’t be able to see the watch very closely, not even in the one picture they provide you with.

When it comes to the information one might need when trying to find out the company’s policy regarding dispute and returning, there’s not much about it since the pages don’t really work. There’s also absolutely no information about the company and there’s little information about the whole process that involves shipping and payment methods. The website is also extremely annoying to navigate and whenever you are looking for any information you will realize that you have to scroll down and hunt for that particular category. If this doesn’t frustrate you, then probably the whole design will because we believe it might actually hurt your eyes.

The FAQ section doesn’t exist. Actually, it does, as the category is on the website but when you click on it you don’t go anywhere, so if you actually had any questions about the products or the shipping process, you won’t find them in the FAQ section.

This website is extremely disappointing and one of the worst websites we’ve seen so far, so make sure that you avoid ordering even the cheapest watch from here, because you don’t want to risk your money like that.

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